Don’t Tell Grocery Outlet!

This morning I hopped on my bike and spun to the Trader Joe’s on Masonic and Geary. I am very satisfied with my latest investment into a proper lock setup. I feel mad mobile and that’s all anyone can ask. I’m like 95% sure bike commuting to school this semester is the move, however, there are few minor gripes I have: sweat, bad hair, lone mountain. Nevertheless, the pros far outweigh the cons. Biking makes a 30 min walk-bus-walk into a 12 ish minute affair. Plus, a day started in the saddle is already a good day.

Trader Joe’s because Grandma Judy hooked it up with a gift card and I was eager to tap into the premium groceries. Not that Grocery Outlet isn premium. I splurged on some pink Himylanyan salt. 

When I got home I roasted some asparagus in vegan butter, salt, and pepper. Yes, vegan butter. This was my first time trying vegan butter because tbh when I wasn’t plant based I didn’t like butter. It was solid. 


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