1. My face is sunburnt and I kind of like the way it looks. One way of achieving a natural look is pinching your cheeks and forcing blood to rush to the surface. This is a bit more permanent and less painful.
  2. Why do we feel so entitled to our parents’ love and belongings? My dad just dropped me off, after picking me up last night to take me out to dinner and let me sleep at home. I was incredibly rude to him on the car ride back to campus. I had a moment of realization. I could be incredibly rude, but if my dad threatened to tkae away a penny of tuition money, I know I would freak, I would say it isn’t fair, and that a father who really loved his child would never think of doing such a thing.
  3. I’m typing with my eyes closed now, just because I need to rest my eyes. It’s amazing how well my fingers know the keyboard. Crazy, isn’t it? It’s nice too. I’ve never notied how much muscle memory goes into typing before this. So you guys can see how accurate/inaccurate this system is, I will type the rest of this post with my eyes closed. You’ll see how many errors I make.
  4. What’s the most productive way of being unproductive? In other words, what will force the greatest amount of relaxation and rejuvenation back into me in the least amount of time possible? Let me know. I’m still searching for it. Maybe the magic salve is simply to give up on the notion that one must be productive every second of every day, but I don’t see that notion fading at all soon.
  5. What would I spend more time doing if I wasn’t taking Stanford for granted? As in, what will I miss about this place and wish I had more time going in 20 years ? I guess I should be intentional about that now, since if I’m not, I’ll find myself regretting it down the road. Here are some things, academically at least, that I want to doL
    • Take a class at the GSB.
    • Make more intentional time for friends.
    • Lol I guess this will turn out being only 2 things really.
  6. And 10 thoughts will boil down to 5 really.

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