squeaky clean

January 7, 2020

Yesterday I went on a longish ride that took me:  across the bridge and up Hawk Hill, into the Marin Headlands then back across the bridge, through the Presidio and past Crissy Fields, by the piers and down the Embarcadero, past “AT&T” Park and around the new Chase Center, past the Caltrian station skirted by the Tenderloin nearish to City Hall, straight through Hayes Valley and up past the Painted Ladies, back up into the Pan Handle and through Golden Gate Park back home.

It came out to be 3 hours in the saddle and 40 miles, I couldn’t have asked for much better sf winter day. The roads were dry and the sun was out, any cyclists dream. Good weather also means lots of tourists taking pictures in all the places they shouldn’t, for example in the middle of the bike designated side of the bridge where no foot crossing is allowed. It’s all love tho, it’s only annoying because it is dangerous when they carelessly meander on and around the bike paths. 

All that to say my bike needed a wash. 

Typically, I use a hose located in our garage to do the cleaning, however, I wanted to switch things up. I usually degrease, soap, rinse, and lube out front on the sidewalk, but this time I did the cleaning in my shower. I’m not sure how environmentally friendly chain grease is so I opted out of doing the full chain maintenance until further research about drainage rules. Either way I buy sustainable degreaser and lube along with this particular method of bike bathing being approved and suggested by my favorite cycling youtube channel. Obviously it’s okay. Plus when living in the city one must be creative. I shoulder my bike up the two flights of stairs every ride so why wouldn’t I make things more convenient by washing it up here? 

I’ll spare you the details, but I propped the bike up in the tub and got to washing. 


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