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August 27, 2019

This morning my body woke itself up at 5:09 am, 21 minutes before desired wake up time. Yesterday, I woke up at 5:30 to the sound of marimbas blaring from under my pillow, the last place I left my iPhone. Tomorrow I will accept nothing other than perfection, 5:30 on the dot is mandatory. Last night I was in bed and fell asleep before 10pm. I’m really trying to get my shit together this semester, some of my goals include: all A’s in my classes, maintain good working relationship with Gateway, put work and school before leisure time, actively apply for summer internships, finish my real estate licensing, run at least 15 miles a week, hold myself accountable. 

Monday was my first day of class and second full day being back. New York was insane and Guadalajara was great as well. I really should have done a better job of writing about both trips, but following through on goals has always been one of my weak points, something I’m actively working on. I will be sporadically writing about different events that happened across the three weeks that I was away, so I should eventually be able to cover most of the notable things that happened. I went into the trip thinking I would be able to blog everyday, but there was soooo much to write about that I was overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I was covering when I began to write, I seriously may as well have been writing novels.

I’ll give a breif-ish overview of what happened yesterday on my first day of classes. 

Monday was the mark of my first day of classes and the second official week of school. I missed the first week because of my Guadalajara service trip. I was proactive and emailed all of my professors that I would be absent, and with the help of an official email from the Hope House staff I should be in the clear. On our last night in Mexico, I had a paper due in one of my classes. It was a two page Biblical Autobiography about my understanding and experience with the Bible. The irony was great– the paper was for my Theology class (intro to the Gospels), I was on a service trip at a boys orphanage founded by Christian missionaries, I was Christian for 14 years and as of this year I am no longer religious. The dynamic of our six person group was interesting to say the least; 6 people, 3 couples, 2 vegans, and 1 non-believer. More on that later. Oh yeah my first day of school lol. I woke up at 5:30am and started brewing my coffee and single slice of Dave’s Killer Bread, the literal best toast bread on the market. This summer I intermittent fasted by running in the morning and not eating my first meal until after noon, but with three classes I figured a little sustenance would be necessary for keeping me from falling asleep during a lecture. After eating, I did some quick morning yoga, showered and hopped on the 38 Geary towards USF. Earth’s Cafe was calling my name so I exited on the Arguello stop and paid a quick visit to my favorite local coffee shop. The store is owned by an Asian family: mom, dad, and daughter. I got to know them well during the last school year after hours of studying or writing papers. This summer I did not get to see them often because my work seldom took me in that direction, so when I saw them for the first time in 3 months she was like, “Wooow, you so tan and skinny!” I love my people haha no filter. But yeah I did get a little tan and lost a bit of weight. From 8am- 12:50pm I had classes. After class I bussed home and to my surprise it only took 15ish minutes. Not bad at all for being a regular not rapid. I quickly made lunch– seitan tidbits (iykyk), a shit ton of kale, and a scoop of rice. I fried it all together in a pan and added a bit of my favorite chili sauce. Shout out to Edith’s mom who put me on when I made dumplings with them some three years back. After roughly an hour of down time, I was out the door and on my way to Daily City for a 3:30-6pm session. I ended up getting home around 6:35 and finished my clinical write up by 7. I wasn’t super hungry for dinner so I decided to go out for a run. Four miles later I was back at the apartment showering. I made my dinner and ate it over some mindless youtube content. After dinner I reviewed my day and made mental notes of things that would need to be completed the next day. 

I love you mom. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to see you lately, I will try harder to make time. 


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