Today was a day of overdues. 

Last night I laid in bed trying to fall asleep– my sleepless thoughts were curated from the Weeknd’s shenanigans. I had some of my closest friends come up to pass time with. It seems as though they are catching on to the whole frugal vegan lifestyle that encompasess daily choices and living space. 

Buzz Buzz! Arbitrary phonetics, I know. There is no word in the English language that can do justice to the horrific noise that my door entry system makes when someone rings. Anyways, Friday evening I am greeted with a loud “buzzing” noise signaling me that the boys had arrived. I buzz them up and moments later loud footsteps begin to echo up the stairway with undecipherable chatter following suit. I could sense his presence was near. Collin bursts through the unlocked front door, with a grin from ear to ear, and butchered al pastor in hand. *insert your own memory of Collin’s mischievous face, if you know you know. Apparently he has caught on that my fridge is only ever full of kale, beans, and occasionally tofu. Besides the smell of charred animal flesh that filled my kitchen, the rest of the evening was filled with good conversation and laughs. 

On Saturday, some more friends came up. Some kid and his girlfriend lol. I honestly thought they were just coming up to hang out so when he hit me with the, “so you cutting my hair right?” I was a little caught off guard. I stood there frozen in thought, processing the new information that I had just been struck with. I came to the conclusion that there is no way this couple would drive that far just to chill and not get something else out of it hahah. No shade I love them :). Seeing them together made me miss Edith a little bit not gonna lie.  

Oh and Sebas and Collin both got their cars towed. I’ll have them tell this story another time.

I am now writing this on Monday evening. Another thought that filled my mind last night was that I still needed to register for classes. I missed registration the first time around because I was not even sure if I would be returning for my sophomore year. July 1st was the day that students were allowed to register again, and this time I was prepared. I wrote out the classes that I wanted with corresponding number codes so that I could simply plug in the codes instead of individually selecting each class. I also told myself last night that I would wake up in the middle of the night and quickly select my classes before everyone else. I found myself awake at 2:37 am with no alarm. I sluggishly opened up my laptop to the already opened myusf portal and began to plug in the codes. To my dismay, they were rejected  and my course selection hold had not been uplifted. At this point I was too frustrated so I shut my laptop and went back to bed. I found myself in the same position again, this time it was at 6 am and I was still rejected. I immediately sent an email to my academic advisor and fell back asleep. Two hours later I tried again and this time it worked however I only got 2 of the classes that I wanted. The other classes that had previously had space had filled up. Maybe if I was able to register at 2:37 am I would have gotten all of my classes. Maybe if I scheduled my classes back in April this could have all been avoided. Maybe if I was super rich I wouldn’t have had to worry about tuition or student debt and intern applied for classes on time, the first time around. Maybe if God was real, he would be Vegan. I guess we’ll never know. It is what it is.

More things overdue are this blog post and the run I just went on. I started my run going up Geary towards Sutro Baths and the Cliff House. The view of the Pacific Ocean at sunset is ridiculous. It is truly inspiring how beautiful Earth is. It gives me hope that living a vegan lifestyle is the easiest thing I can do with

the largest impact to help the planet. I continued my run down the Great Highway and veered left into Golden Gate Park. It is massive– with a golf course, bison reserve, museums, intricate gardens, and more!  I encourage anyone who hasn’t been to Golden Gate Park to go. Anyways, I finished my run and made my way out of the park, onto Fulton street, and back up 27th to my apartment. 

Love Y’all


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