No-Spend Week 2


Welcome to my wuh-wuh-wuh-WEEKLY SPENDING REPORT! And just to let you know that being frugal doesn’t mean being sad at home all day, you should know that this week alone, I went to the Whitney Art Museum and am going to a Broadway musical tonight for the price of… FREE! (Or, as I like to say, free ninety-nine!) I could’ve gone more places for sure, but sometimes I get tired out after work–sitting for 8 hours twiddling my thumbs is pretty exhausting– so I opt against all the cool city stuff and go home.

Get hyped because your girl came through with another week of ZERO spending, and I have to say that it’s gotten easier and easier. It would make this post pathetically short, though, if I did what I usually do and just listed my expenses. Instead, I want to tell you some things that this spend-free two weeks has shown me.

  • The consumerist impulse to buy is so REAL and so STRONG! I really think someone should do a study on this because the want to spend money — transact — is like an addiction! At least, it was for me. It felt like an itch I needed to scratch, and I found myself inventing up fake needs to come up with an excuse for buying something. (“Oh, I’ll need more soap someday… might as well get it now!”) Weirdly, I also caught myself lingering around in shopping areas. While I told myself I would stay out of stores as much as possible, I found myself walking through the outdoor green market a lot more than usual, hungry for any sort of economic transactions.
  • I’m not as easily enticed as before. NYC is chock full of storefronts. Back at home, I would always walk a little slower in front of Forever 21 and American Eagle, trying to envision how the mannequin’s outfits would look on me and eventually getting sucked into the store. Now, I’ve noticed that even in NYC’s most densely packed shopping districts, I can’t be bothered. I know I’m not going in, and when I do stop to look at the mannequins, all I can think about are (1) the fact that I’ve lived this summer with about 25 clothing items just fine, (2) clothing’s huge impact on the environment, and (3) how I don’t want to look “in-trend” like everyone else. No more pinstripe jumpsuits! This girl walks to the beat of her own drum.
  • It’s slowly becoming a reflex of “oh no, don’t buy that!” which is good to see!

Another week in the books! If I can do it, you can, too! The key is to remember that the “necessities” that we make up every day really aren’t all that necessary to surviving and thriving.



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