Andy the Cocker Spaniel

Welcome to Plant Baes-d!

Hello, fellow Earthlings! Hope you like our punny blog title … two plant-based baes, get it? (Don’t worry, it’s pun-free from here on out.)

Chris and I (Edith) hope to use this blog to recount stories from Summer 2019. It’s a special one: our first summer as college students, our first time living thousands of miles apart, and our first time braving the world alone (which basically means without our parents’ washing machines and wallets).

Currently, I live in New York City and Chris lives in San Francisco. We’re both working and finding time to explore our respective cities. I’ve been out of school for less than a week, but I already have so many stories to tell. Like today, I had a profound conversation with an Abraham Lincoln impersonator, but more on that later.

You can hope to find all of the following at our blog:

  • Wacky stories that will make you laugh/cringe/melt
  • Cooking tricks and delicious vegan recipes
  • Dumpster diving hauls
  • Frugality tips & my attempt at a spend-free summer
  • Climate change and animal rights propaganda (rah-rah!)
  • Vegan restaurant reviews (when Chris visits me and we’re feeling rich-broke)
  • … and more!

Enjoy, mom and dad!


Edith & Chris

Andy the Cocker Spaniel
Instead of placing a picture of ourselves here, we’ve decided to place a picture of Andy, Edith’s dog. We think you’ll enjoy it more.

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