Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You have a lot of questions (we do, too)! Here's some of our best attempts at answers to some of your best attempts at questions.

Why do we follow a plant-based diet?

For the both of us (Chris and Edith), the decision to stop consuming animal products is environmental and ethical. On average, the resources required to produce animal-based food products and the resulting greenhouse gas emissions are multitudes larger than those associated with vegetables, grains, legumes, etc. Additionally, the cruelty that is necessitated by the an industry fueled by efficiency and profitability is not something that we want to buy into.

To learn more about the environmental footprint of what we eat, check out this interactive New York Times article.

To learn more about the ethical considerations of animal products, check out PETA's website.

I want to explore sustainable living. Where should I start?

That's great!

I want to explore frugal living. Where should I start?

Awesome to hear! Our blog has some really great material on budgeting, money-saving hacks, saving, and investing, and I encourage you to explore beyond this blog as well.

I love to read the Frugalwoods blog, which chronicles the life of a couple (now with two young children) that achieved financial independence in their 30s simply through scrimping and saving.