About Us

Who We Are

Our names are Edith and Chris! We become friends in sixth grade and starting dating in eighth. The romance has yet to fizzle out! Today, we're attending different colleges in the Bay Area.

Edith loves baking without recipes, cuddling with her dog, and playing ultimate frisbee. At school, she works to increase the sustainability of student dining. Some of her passions are educating young people and women about personal finance and fighting against climate crisis.

Chris enjoys exploring the Bay Area on his bike and converting people to veganism. He works as a RBT (registered behavior technician) for special-needs clients. Chris is proud to call San Francisco his home and would call it the best city in the world.

Why We Blog

This is a really special time in our lives! We're young people living and studying in one of the most exciting places in the world. This blog is a way to document our adventures, milestones in our personal lives and relationship, and share the things that we're passionate about. We hope to learn from self-reflection and show others the things we're passionate about.